Zoom Releases New 5.0 Update with Security Improvements

Zoom has faced its fair share of security and privacy related controversies over the past few weeks, with the app suddenly skyrocketing in popularity as the world settled to a new normal of working from home. As a result, the company had announced a 90 day feature freeze so it could dedicate its resources towards identifying, and fixing security and privacy issues with the app.

Today, the company has pushed out Zoom 5.0 and it fixes some of the issues Zoom was facing. With the update, Zoom now displays a security icon that houses the most common security and privacy options such as locking meetings, removing participants, preventing screen sharing and messaging, etc.

Also, likely in response to the phenomenon of Zoombombing, Zoom is now enabling passwords by default for its business users. The company is also making virtual rooms on by default for a majority of its user base. If you’re using Zoom with a basic, Single Pro, or Education plan, virtual rooms should be on for you with Zoom 5.0.

The company is also upping its encryption game, upgrading its encryption to AES 256-bit GCM encryption, making meeting streams more secure. It’s noteworthy that the company doesn’t use end-to-end encryption on its streams.

Apart from this, business users now also have the ability to choose which data server their meetings are routed through, after concerns arose that meeting data was routed through China.

Zoom has exploded in popularity, with the company claiming it’s being used by over 200 million people now, as compared to its relatively tiny, 10 million user base a couple of months ago. With increase of this scale, it’s commendable that the company is working fast towards fixing the most glaring issues that people have encountered with its software.


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