WWDC 2020: Apple May Rename iOS 14 to iPhoneOS 14

Last year at WWDC, Apple unveiled iPadOS. It’s dedicated operating system for iPads. It was a way to demarcate iPhones from iPads and give the tablets some advanced features useful for the bigger screen. Also, iPadOS is how the iPads have come so close to becoming laptop replacements. Now, a new report is out suggesting that Apple may go a similar route with iOS.

According to famed tipster Jon Prosser, Apple will rename iOS 14 to iPhoneOS 14. He said this in a simple tweet that just said “iPhoneOS 14”.

The leak was corroborated, sorta, by Max Weinbach. Weinbach says he received an email telling him that iOS 14 will be called iPhoneOS 14, but he didn’t believe it.

iPadOS branched out of iOS as a dedicated software for iPads. That’s why iPhoneOS sounds like a natural way to go for Apple. Moreover, Jon Prosser’s track record with Apple leaks is impressive. Between Prosser and Weinbach both saying similar things, it can be considered almost final that iPhoneOS is happening.

However, as impressive as their credentials are, I still have to advise you to take this with a pinch of salt. After all, nothing is confirmed so far, and we will get to know more at WWDC 2020. In the meantime, if you are wondering what the future holds for your iPhone, check out our article on our iOS 14 expectations.

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