Vivaldi’s Android App is Now Out of Beta with Built-in Tracker Blocker

Vivaldi has today brought its Android app out of beta and it’s finally available as a stable install via the Play Store. The app brings a lot of the features found in the Vivaldi desktop browser, so users should find it immediately familiar on the smaller screen as well.

Speaking of the desktop browser, Vivaldi is now on version 3.0, and includes a built-in tracker protection in the desktop as well as Android browser. Interestingly enough, the tracker protection inside Vivaldi uses the DuckDuckGo tracker blacklist which is also used by DuckDuckGo’s very own browser extension. The tracker blacklist being used by both DuckDuckGo’s extension, and now, by Vivaldi’s browser on both desktops and on Android, is updated continuously by crawling the web and identifying more trackers to block and blacklist.

Also being added with Vivaldi version 3.0, is a new ad blocker in the browser. However, the Vivaldi ad blocker will be disabled by default, and users will be able to toggle it on by clicking on the shield icon that shows up on the Vivaldi address bar. In fact, this shield icon is through where users will be able to control both ad block settings and tracker blocking settings in the browser.

vivaldi browser ad blocker tracker blocker

Image courtesy: Vivaldi

On the desktop, Vivaldi browser now also supports Spatial Navigation, which allows users to scroll through links in a web-page by pressing the Shift key along with arrow keys. This makes it faster for keyboard-centric users to navigate websites and hyperlinks without having to use the mouse every now and then.

Vivaldi is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

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