How to Use Sign in With Apple on Your iPhone and Mac

Apple unveiled its new privacy-facing feature, Sign in with Apple at its WWDC 2019 conference where the company usually makes all software related announcements. The new feature aims to protect people from having their email IDs shared with websites and service providers by allowing them to use an Apple created private relay address that’s different for each website they sign up on, to ensure that the websites don’t know what your address is, and marketers can’t track you based on your email activity. This is pretty great, and if you’re wondering how to use this feature, here is how to sign in with Apple on your iPhone or Mac.

Note: While I’ve not tested this out on an iPad because I don’t use an iPad, the process and steps involved will be the same on iPadOS as well.

How to Use Sign in with Apple on iPhone

A bunch of apps and websites have started supporting Apple’s new Sign in Apple feature. When you’re accessing one of these apps (such as any app from the house of Adobe) you’ll see an option to sign in with Apple.

  • Simply tap on “Continue with Apple” and tap on “Continue”.

use sign in with apple iphone ios 13 step 1

  • Now, choose whether you want to share your actual email with the service, or if you want to hide your email. Tap on Continue.

select whether to share or hide your email and tap continue

  • Tap on Done. You’ll now see that the email filled up for you on the service (in my case it’s Adobe Aero) will be a random email with the domain You can fill up the rest of the details asked for by the app or website and jump right in.

apple will create a private relay email for you

How to Use Sign in with Apple on Mac

  • If you’re accessing a website on the Mac that supports the new Sign in with Apple feature, you’ll see a button alongside other options such as signing in with Google and Facebook. Just click on this button.

click on Continue with Apple button on the website

  • You’ll now be prompted to choose whether you want to share your email with the website or hide it; similar to how it works on iOS apps.

  • Once you continue, your Mac will prompt you to enter your password for the Mac User ID you’re using. Enter it, and that’s it.

Requirements for Using Sign in with Apple

While the new Sign in with Apple feature is pretty awesome and useful, Apple does have some requirements that you need to meet in order to use Sign in with Apple. These are fairly simple and honestly, you should be using these things anyway. Here’s what Apple wants:

  • Your Apple ID should have two-factor authentication enabled.
  • You need to be signed in on your device with the Apple ID you want to use to Sign in with Apple.
  • You should be running iOS 13 or later on your iPhone, iPadOS 13.1 or later on your iPad, macOS Catalina or newer on your Mac, watchOS 6 or later on your Apple Watch, and tvOS 6 or later on your Apple TV (or Apple TV 4K).

How to View Apps and Websites on Which You’ve Used Sign in with Apple

If you want to check which apps and websites you have used Sign in with Apple on, simply follow the steps below.

  • Head over to Settings, and tap on your profile picture on the top. Here, tap on “Password & Security”.

check apps websites using sign in with apple step 1

  • Next, tap on “Apple ID logins” and you’ll get to see all the apps and websites you’ve logged in to with your Apple ID.

list of apps and websites signed in with your Apple ID

If you want to stop using your Apple ID to use a website or app, you can simply tap on the app or website’s name in the list, and then tap on “Stop using Apple ID”.

how to stop using sign in with apple on apps or websites

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Use Sign in with Apple to Protect Your Privacy

Apple has always tried to be a company that pays a high level of attention to its users’ privacy and making sure that third parties don’t get unnecessary access to its users’ data. The new Sign in with Apple feature is one big step that Apple has taken to protect its users’ interests online and making sure that your personal information remains personal and private while also giving you control over what data you share with the apps and websites you interact with.

So now that you know how you can use Sign in with Apple, and how you can check which apps and websites are using your Apple ID to log you in, go ahead and start using this feature to ensure that your data and personal information remains protected and private. You can learn more about this feature by checking out the official support page.

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