Travis Scott’s Fortnite Concert Drew 12.3 Million Concurrent Viewers

Popular battle royale game Fortnite is hosting a Travis Scott concert within the game over the next two days, and the first showing of the concert took place last evening at 7PM ET. While we already expected the in game event to be a massive hit, Fortnite has now come out on Twitter and given out the official viewer numbers for the concert titled ‘Astronomical’.

According to Fortnite’s tweet, the concert saw a whopping 12.3 million concurrent viewers on its first day, setting a record for the most number of concurrent players on Fortnite. The number is also a huge leap over Fortnite’s 10 million record set last year during the in-game Marshmello concert.

If you missed out on the concert, fret not because there are four more showings lined up in order to cater to different time zones. You can check out our article on how to watch Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert to learn more about where to go and watch the event the next time it takes place. The rest of the showtimes for the concert are given below:

  • April 24, 10AM ET
  • April 25, 12AM ET
  • April 25, 11AM ET
  • April 25, 6PM ET

Alternatively, you can check out Dr. Lupo’s recorded live stream of the concert:

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