How to Stop FaceTime From Resizing Your Video Calls

When Apple announced the Group FaceTime feature in iOS and macOS it was pretty well received. The company had come up with a neat UI, and some nice UI tricks to make the experience pretty neat. However, one big issue with FaceTime Group video calls is that it zooms in on the person speaking. This can be a problem in large video calls where multiple people might start speaking together, etc. Fortunately, with iOS 13.5, you can now stop FaceTime from zooming in on people. So, if you want, here is how to stop FaceTime from resizing your video calls.

How to Stop FaceTime from Resizing Video Calls on iPhone

If you are like me and mostly take FaceTime calls on your iPhone, here is how you can stop Group FaceTime windows from resizing.

  • Go to Settings -> FaceTime. Scroll down and tap disable the toggle next to ‘Speaking‘.

turn off facetime window resizing iphone ios

That’s it. FaceTime will no longer resize video calls based on who is speaking. No more annoying resizing of floating FaceTime tiles.

How to Stop FaceTime Windows from Resizing on Mac

On the other hand, if you like using your MacBook to join Group FaceTime calls, here is how to stop them from automatically zooming in.

  • Launch the FaceTime app on your Mac. In the menu bar, go to ‘FaceTime -> Preferences‘. You can also simply press “command + ;” to open Preferences.

  • Here, uncheck the box next to ‘Speaking’.

disable facetime automatic zooming mac

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Make Group FaceTime Calls without Automatic Resizing of Windows

Well, that is how you can easily disable FaceTime’s automatic resizing of windows and stop FaceTime from zooming in on the person speaking automatically. The zoom in is a neat feature to look at in action for your first few group calls. However, it quickly becomes annoying and irritating. It’s nice that Apple finally lets you turn it off. So, do you like FaceTime resizing your video calls or have you turned the feature off? Let me know in the comments.

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