How to Send Memoji Stickers from Apple Watch

I love using my Apple Watch. Everything from getting stand and breathe reminders, to installing watch faces and even browsing the internet sometimes is fun on the Watch. Plus, you can use the Apple Watch to send replies to iMessages if you like. However, if you’re like me, you also love using Animoji and Memoji stickers in your chats. Well, you can use them on Apple Watch as well! So, here is how to send Memoji stickers from Apple Watch.

How to Send Memoji Stickers from Apple Watch

Note: These steps were tested on an Apple Watch Series 6. However, you can use Memoji stickers with Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, as well as Apple Watch Series 5.

Even though the Apple Watch can’t send Animoji, because it doesn’t have the face tracking hardware that iPhones have, it can still use your Memoji stickers to reply to messages. That’s a fun way of communicating with people and sending personalised emoticons to get your emotions across. So let’s talk about sending Memoji stickers on Apple Watch.

  • Open the chat you want to send the Memoji sticker in. You will see the Memoji icon next to the emoji icon. Just tap on it.

send memoji stickers apple watch step 1

  • You can now browse all the Memoji stickers available, including the default ones made from regular emojis. Tap on the Memoji sticker pack you want to use. I’m tapping on the giraffe.

memoji stickers apple watch

  • Now, you can simply tap on the sticker you want to send in your chat and it will be sent across. That’s it!

send memoji stickers apple watch step 3

Be More Expressive with Memoji on Apple Watch

As much as I would like to have Animoji support on Apple Watch, that doesn’t seem like a viable option. However, Memoji are definitely the next best thing. It’s really useful to have access to Memoji in watchOS 7, so you can easily send some expressive emojis to your friends and family whenever you want to. So, which Memoji do you use most often? Have you created custom Memoji for yourself like I have? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you have any questions about using Memoji on Apple Watch, or anything else related to watchOS, feel free to ask me about them as well.

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