How to Scan Documents in Files App in iOS 13

Among the many new features that iOS 13 brings, the updated Files app is a highly requested one because iOS has always lacked a good file management system. While that is now here, the default iOS file manager also has some impressive features that you may not be aware of. I’m talking about the ability to scan files and documents directly using the app. This is pretty handy because you now don’t need a third-party app just to scan the occasional document, the Files app can take care of that for you. So here is how you can scan documents in Files app in iOS 13.

How to Scan Documents in the Files App

  • Launch the Files app, and head over to the folder you want to save the scanned document in. In my case, I’ve made a folder called ‘8BitToast’ to demonstrate. If you want, you can check out our article on how to create a folder in the Files app.
  • Once inside the folder, long press on the screen to make the context menu pop-up. Select ‘Scan documents’ from this menu. The document scanner will now open up.

select scan documents from the context menu in Files

  • You can simply position the viewfinder over the document you want to scan and iOS 13 will automatically detect the boundaries for the page. Just tap the shutter button and the phone will scan the document. Tap on ‘Done’.

scan document using files app iOS 13

  • Now, tap on ‘Save’ to save the scanned documents to the folder.

How to Annotate Scanned Documents

Now that you’re done scanning your documents, what if you want to annotate them. Maybe you want to highlight the address, or maybe you want to redact some information from the scan. Well, the Files app lets you do that too. Here’s how.

  • Tap on the scanned document to open it in the viewer. Now, tap on the pencil icon on the top-right.

tap on annotation tool in scanned document

  • You will now get all the annotation tools built-in to iOS 13 at your disposal. So you can highlight stuff, make annotations, add text, and much more with ease. When you’re done, simply tap ‘Done’ on the top-left to save your annotations to the document.

Easily Scan Documents on iPhone without Third Party Apps

That was pretty simple, right? So the next time you’re trying to scan a document to send it over as an email, or saving a receipt to your phone, don’t go hunting for the best iPhone scanner apps. Instead, just fire up the Files app, and take a quick scan. It works really well, and the quality of the scanned documents is also very good, which is just impressive. What’s more, as we discussed above, you can even add annotations to the scanned document you want. So, how often do you find yourself scanning physical documents to your iPhone? Have you ever used the Files app to do this? Let me know in the comments.

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