How to Save Web Page as PDF on iPhone and Mac

Often while browsing the internet I come across a website that I want to share with someone via email or on iMessage. Either way, it’s not always the best idea to send someone a URL which they may or may not open. However, sending a PDF of a website can come in handy, especially if it’s a tutorial (like this one). So, if you’re wondering, here is how to save (or export) a webpage as PDF on iPhone and Mac.

Export Safari Web Page as PDF on Mac

Let’s say, you’re browsing through our website, and you come across a tutorial that you want to share with someone as a PDF. How will you do that? Well, just follow the steps below:

file save as pdf website

  • Choose the location and file name for the PDF file, and click ‘Save

save webpage pdf safari mac

You can now head over to the location you selected and you’ll find the saved PDF file, ready to be annotated and shared.

Export Safari Web Page as PDF on iPhone

On an iPhone, the process to save a web page as PDF is slightly more complicated. Here’s how to do it in Safari:

  • Open the webpage, and tap on the ‘Share‘ button. Scroll down and tap on ‘Print‘.

  • In the print dialog, you will see the pages at the bottom. Pinch out with two fingers on the page and it will open as a PDF. Tap on the ‘Share‘ button in the top-right corner.

  • Tap on ‘Save to Files‘ and choose the location and filename for the PDF file. Then tap on ‘Save‘.

save pdf to files safari iphone

The webpage will be saved in the location you selected so you can now share it directly, or annotate it before sharing it.

Save Web Page as PDF in Chrome on iPhone

It’s highly likely that you’re using Chrome as your browser of choice on the iPhone instead of Safari. Fortunately for you, you can still download websites as PDFs in Chrome on iPhone as well. The process is basically the same as it was for Safari. You just have to print the web page and then pinch-out to open the page as a PDF. Then you can save the PDF file to a location on your iPhone, ready to be annotated and shared.

If you’re unable to figure it out, just follow the instructions in the previous section. They can be copied word for word and applied to Chrome.

Save Websites as PDF in Chrome on Mac

If you’re using Google Chrome on your MacBook, first of all, stop killing your battery and RAM. Anyway, if you want to save a website as PDF in Chrome in macOS, here is how to do it.

  • Open the website and press ‘command + P’ to open the print menu. Here, make sure ‘Save as PDF‘ is selected under ‘Destination’, and then click on ‘Save’.

  • Choose the location you want to save the PDF file in, and click on ‘Save’.

That’s all, the web page will be saved as a PDF in the location you selected. By the way, this process will work in Safari as well, but I didn’t mention it there because Safari has a dedicated save as PDF option built-in.

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So now that you know how to save websites as PDFs in both Chrome and Safari on your iPhone and MacBook, go ahead and share all the webpages you have ever wanted to annotate and share. This is also a great way to send someone a tutorial they have been looking for with annotations to the points you think they need to pay more attention to; at least that’s why I use it most often.

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