How to Save Open Tabs as Bookmarks in Safari in iOS 14

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole while researching something in Safari on your iPhone or iPad? Yeah, we’ve all been there. You get a bunch of tabs open, and sooner or later you want to close them without losing all that information for when you need it again. That’s where bookmarks come in, and fortunately, you don’t have to bookmark each tab individually in Safari. So, if you’re wondering how you can save multiple open tabs as bookmarks on your iPhone, here is how to save open tabs as bookmarks in Safari on iOS 14.

How to Save Open Tabs as Bookmarks in Safari

Saving open tabs as bookmarks is very easy, but if you’re new to using an iPhone, or if you’re new to using Safari as your default browser, you might be having some trouble finding the right options. Here’s what you need to do:

  • In Safari, open all the tabs you want to bookmark. For this example, I’m simply opening two tabs to demonstrate. Press and hold on the bookmarks icon in the toolbar to get a context menu as shown below.

press hold on bookmarks icon

  • Here, tap on “Add Bookmarks for 2 Tabs“. This will create a new folder with your saved tabs. Rename the folder to whatever you like. I’m gonna stick with the default name. You can also choose a location for this folder to be saved in.

rename folder and select save location

  • Once done, tap on ‘Save’ in the top right corner. You can then tap on the bookmarks icon and head over to the location you saved the tabs in to find your folder with all the tabs you saved.

save open tabs as bookmarks in safari

Note: If you just want to save a single tab as a bookmark, you can choose the “Add Bookmark” option in the context menu.

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Save Tabs as Bookmarks for Easy Access

So that’s how you can save multiple tabs as bookmarks with just a few taps. It’s very easy, and I find it especially useful when I’m researching about a particularly difficult to understand topic, or researching a new gadget I’m planning on buying. What kind of use cases do you often find yourself in where you end up opening multiple tabs in Safari on your iPhone? Let me know in the comments. You should also go take a look at all the other helpful how-to articles we have done.

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