iOS 14: Everything We Know So Far

It’s June 2020, and we are just 4 days away from Apple’s WWDC 2020 conference. The company is going to tell us all about its brand new software at the event, and we are extremely hyped for iOS 14. So much so, that we have dug through all the rumours and reports online. That means we have a good idea about what to expect from iOS 14 when it launches. So, if you are wondering, here are all the iOS 14 features we know of:

iOS 14 Features (Expected)

We have been hearing a lot of reports and rumours about iOS 14, and therefore have a good idea of what will be new in iOS 14. Let’s take a look.

1. Set Third Party Apps as Default

This is one of the most exciting iOS 14 features. At least for me, because I hate having Apple Maps open up on me anytime I click on a location link. It’s no secret that Apple Maps are nowhere near as good as Google Maps. Moreover, in India, the condition is even worse for Apple Maps. Also, if this feature does come with iOS 14, I can finally set Gmail as my default email app as well, which is awesome.

2. New iMessage Features

If you are an avid iMessage user, and I’m sure you are, there are a bunch of new features coming to iMessage as well. For one, iMessage is rumoured to finally get support for mentions. This means you will be able to mention people in group chats easily. Reports suggest that Apple is also working on the ability to “unsend messages” in iMessage.

There are also rumours of a new typing indicator for group chats, as well as the ability to make messages as unread.

3. Home Screen Changes

iOS 14 will also bring some changes to the home screen of your iPhone. If you are an Apple Watch user, you must be aware of the list view for apps in watchOS. Well, rumours suggest that a similar view may be coming for the iPhone home screen as well. This should make it easier to scroll through apps and find the one you’re looking for.

Also rumoured is the addition of widgets. iPhones already have widget support. However, they can only be added in the Today view. With iOS 14 you will be able to add widgets anywhere on the home screen, similar to Android phones.

4. Built-in Translation in Safari

One of my favourite features in Chrome is the built-in translation service. I can navigate to a website in Spanish and have Chrome translate it for me. With iOS 14, a similar tool may be available in Safari as well. That’s great for me, personally, because I prefer using Safari on my iPhone.

Moreover, iPadOS 14 will likely bring support for Apple Pencil in Safari. So users will be able to annotate webpages easily.

5. Sleep Tracking in Health App

There have been a lot of rumours that the next Apple Watch will come with sleep tracking. There are both pros and cons to this feature on the Apple Watch. However, iOS 14 might bring the feature to the iPhone at least.

The feature will most likely integrate with sleep tracking in watchOS 7, which will also be announced at WWDC 2020.

6. Fitness App

While stuck in the lockdown, I have found a new passion for fitness videos. With iOS 14, something similar could come to the iPhone natively. Rumours on the internet suggest that Apple is working on a new Fitness app for iOS 14. This app will bring fitness related videos that will walk you through different workouts.

Moreover, when paired with an Apple Watch, you will be able to track these workouts even better, which is awesome.

7. New AR App

Apple pushed hard for augmented reality with ARKit around the same time as Google did. While Google’s efforts seem to have died down for the most part, every year at WWDC Apple seems to double down on AR. This year, with iOS 14, the company is going to release a new AR app itself.

The app, codenamed ‘Gobi’, will allow users to get more information about the world around them using AR. It will also feature integrations with Apple Stores, and other retailers. So far, at least a Starbucks code has been spotted inside the app’s source.

It’s also likely that the new app will let users use the upcoming AirTags trackers as AR triggers as well.

8. Find My

For parents, the Find My app will get another useful feature. You will be able to set Find My to alert you if someone doesn’t reach a specific location at a scheduled time of the day. This way you can set alerts for your child arriving at school, etc. It’s also a good way to ensure that kids don’t go bunking classes.

9. iCloud Keychain

I don’t know about you, but I use iCloud Keychain a lot. It is very useful for storing passwords and certificates. With iOS 14, iCloud Keychain will get even better. Apparently, the keychain will warn you if you are reusing your passwords on multiple websites. This way you can ensure that your passwords are unique and secure.

10. PencilKit Updates

For all the iPad users, iOS 14 (or iPadOS 14) will bring new Pencil features as well. Reportedly, you will be able to write inside any text field with the Apple Pencil. This handwritten text will be converted into standard text before it is sent. This could be very useful for filling out forms, or sending messages,

The new feature works with any text field, which means you can use it with iMessage, Notes, Mail, and other apps easily.

Get Ready for iOS 14

iOS 14 is just around the corner. A new developer update for iOS 14 will be out after WWDC 2020. You can rest assured that I will install it on my iPhone to check it out and report back with all the awesome new features I discover in it. Meanwhile, if you are wondering whether you will be able to use iOS 14, check out the full list of devices that will support iOS 14 when it releases.


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