How to Install Watch Faces in Apple Watch

We’ve already talked about how you can remove watch faces from the Apple Watch, but what if you removed a lot of them and are now looking to get some back? Maybe, like me, you removed the Gradient watch face only to realise that it looks good with some outfits. So if you are wondering how to get back a removed watch face, here is how to install watch faces in Apple Watch.

How to Install Watch Faces in watchOS 6

As it was with uninstalling them, installing watch faces can also be done either straight from the Apple Watch, or using your iPhone. We will discuss both of the methods in this article so you can use whichever one suits you best.

Install Watch Faces Directly on the Apple Watch

  • On your Apple Watch, firmly press on the home screen to go into the watch face selection screen.

Install watch faces apple watch

  • Scroll to the end and you’ll find a ‘New’ option. Tap on this.

New watchface apple watch

  • You can now choose the watch face you wish to install. I’m choosing ‘Gradient’.

New watchface apple watch gradient

That’s it, the new watch face will be installed on your watch immediately.

Install Watch Faces Using iPhone

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, and tap on ‘Face Gallery’ in the bottom navbar. Here, you will see all the available watch faces.

Face gallery apple watch

  • Scroll until you find the watch face you want to install on your watch. For example, I will install the ‘Gradient’ watch face. Tap on the watch face and you will see the available customisation options. Once you’ve customised the watch face to your heart’s extent, tap on ‘Add’.

Install apple watch faces iphone

Add Watch Faces to Your Apple Watch with Ease

Look, it is sad that Apple doesn’t allow third party watch faces for Apple watch, but that’s probably to ensure that users don’t end up losing battery life over unoptimised watch faces. Plus there’s a privacy aspect to watch faces as well. Whatever the reason, it’s at least good that there are a lot of built-in watch faces on the Apple Watch and installing or deleting them is a breeze. So, go ahead, add all your favourite watch faces to your Apple Watch and enjoy!

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