Huawei’s New Smart Speaker Looks Like the HomePod; Costs $56

Huawei may be facing troubles in the US, but it is doing really well in its home country, China. The company has been launching a bunch of new products, and the latest from the Chinese giant is a smart speaker that looks a bit familiar. The Huawei AI Speaker 2 looks very much like the trashcan Mac Pro and the HomePod had a baby.

The AI Speaker 2 from Huawei comes with a bunch of exciting features, including a built-in battery which makes the speaker portable as well, but probably the most compelling thing about it is the price tag — $56.

Obviously, this speaker isn’t meant to be sold globally, with Huawei using its own smart assistant, ‘Xiaoyi’, to give the speaker its smarts. Whether Xiaoyi is any good, I can’t say, but if Huawei was to send me one of these for a review, I would love to check it out.

The speaker comes with capacitive touch buttons on the top for volume control, mute, and a multi-function button. It uses 2.4GHz WiFi for connectivity, and comes with Bluetooth 4.2. There’s NFC as well, but likely only for the Bluetooth pairing process.

We don’t know much about the processor inside the speaker, but it does pack in a 10W main speaker along with 2 bass radiators. There’s also a 3,900mAh battery inside, which should last plenty long considering its basically just a speaker with internet access.

Huawei has priced the speaker at 399 yuan, which translates to (roughly) $56. That’s a bargain price for a speaker that looks this pretty. Even if I can’t speak Chinese, I’d like to have this speaker just to listen to music on it.


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