How to Use iOS 14 Sound Recognition Feature to Identify Sounds

iOS 14 is here and it brings a lot of impressive upgrades and useful new features for you to use on your iPhone. One such feature that you may not find on your own is the built-in sound detection feature in iOS 14. The feature is aimed at people who may have trouble hearing, or just want some help with recognising sounds in their environment when they occur. If you’re interested in using this awesome iOS 14 accessibility feature, here is how to use it.

Use iOS 14 Sound Recognition Feature to Identify Sounds

So how does the feature work, exactly? Basically, when you enable this option, your iPhone continuously listens for specific sounds. These can be things like running water, smoke alarms, or a dog barking. When your iPhone recognises such a sound in your environment, it sends you a notification. Pretty neat, right? Well, here’s how to enable and use sound recognition in iPhone.

  • Go to Settings -> Accessibility. Here, tap on ‘Sound Recognition‘.

go to accessibility and sound recognition in settings

  • Turn on the toggle. Now, you will see a new ‘Sounds’ option show up. Tap on this.

enable sound recognition toggle and tap on sounds

  • Here, you can see all the sounds that your iPhone can recognise. Enable the toggles next to sounds you want your iPhone to listen for.

enable toggles for sounds you want iOS 14 to recognise

That’s it. Your iPhone will now send your an alert when it recognises any of the sounds that you have enabled in settings.

sound recognition notifications in iOS 14

Note: Keep in mind that “Hey Siri” doesn’t work while Sound Recognition is enabled. If you rely heavily on using Siri with your voice, you will have to disable sound recognition to do so.

Enable/ Disable Sound Recognition in iOS 14

Obviously you can just repeat the steps in the previous section and disable sound recognition. However, going into settings every time just to enable or disable sound recognition is an unnecessary hassle. Fortunately, you can easily toggle the accessibility feature from Control Center. Here’s how to do that.

  • Go to Settings -> Control Center. Scroll down and enable the ‘Sound Recognition’ control centre toggle.

add sound recognition to control center

  • Now you can just swipe down (or up on iPhones older than the iPhone X) to open the control centre and toggle sound recognition as shown below.

toggle sound recognition from control center

  • Moreover, you can long press on the toggle to quickly change the sounds you want your iPhone to recognise. Neat isn’t it?

select sounds to recognise

Use Sound Recognition on your iPhone to Get Notified Instantly

In my testing of this feature, it seems to work flawlessly. It’s also quite fast in sending a notification, which is great. Plus, thanks to its ability to recognise sounds like door knocks and door bells, you can easily use your noise cancelling headphones and let your iPhone alert you if someone is at the door. Even though the feature is aimed at people with hearing impairment, it’s definitely something anyone can use to make their life a little easier.

Apart from sound recognition, iOS 14 comes with a lot of new features. You can use YouTube in the background for free, use a Private MAC address, have your calls show up as banners or full screen, and more. If you’re interested, here is how you can install iOS 14 right now.

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