How to Use Instagram on Apple Watch

Instagram — the world’s most popular image sharing platform — happens to be a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. I am sure even you spend a lot of time everyday browsing through Instagram, looking at memes and what not, especially during this quarantine. Personally, I check out Instagram a lot while I’m sitting on the toilet, and you know what blows? Forgetting to take your phone along! Fortunately, you can use Insta on Apple Watch as well, so if you are like me and you want t0 browse your IG feed on your wrist, here is how to get Instagram on Apple Watch:

Get Instagram on Apple Watch with Lens

Install the ‘Lens’ app on your iPhone and Apple Watch (Free). Log in with Instagram on the iPhone app, and then launch Lens on your watch.

You will now be able to see all the available options. You can browse your home feed, check your notifications, and more, all from within the Lens app on your wrist! Awesome, right?

Lens Features (Free vs Paid)

The Lens app is free to download and use, but some of its features are locked until you buy the pro version of the app for $1.99 (₹159). Here are the features of the Lens app.

Features in Free Version

1. Browsing Home Feed

You can browse your complete home feed without any restrictions in the free version of the Lens app.

2. View High-res Images

If you want to see a higher resolution version of a picture, you can simply tap on it and then use the Digital Crown to zoom in and out of the image in Lens.

get Instagram on Apple Watch with lens app

3. Watch Videos with Sound

Lens also supports video playback on the Apple Watch, complete with sound, so you can easily enjoy your favourite video memes.

4. Check Notifications

You can also check your notifications in the free version of the app.

Features in Pro Version

While the free version of Lens for Instagram in watchOS 6 offers the basic features you would want in an app like this, if you pay for the Pro version, you get a lot of extra features as well.

1. Watch Stories

You can watch Instagram stories on Apple Watch with Lens pro.

2. Explore 

The pro version of the app also features the ‘Explore’ section of the app so you can find new posts from accounts you don’t follow but might like.

3. DMs

You can also check and respond to your personal messages (Instagram DMs) with the pro unlock.

4. Profile Support

Manage multiple Instagram accounts? The pro version of Lens brings support for profiles as well.

Use Instagram in watchOS 6 with This App

I have tried out a lot of apps on my Apple Watch, and ‘Lens’ is one of the best apps for using Instagram on your wrist. I like it because it includes the most important features in the free version of the app, and adds more functionality with the paid unlock. So even if you don’t want to pay $1.99 to unlock the app, you can still continue enjoying Instagram on your watch without a worry. That’s really great.

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