How to Find Lost iPhone (Multiple Working Solutions)

iPhones cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. And losing your iPhone can be a real panic-inducing moment. After all, not only is it a lot of money, it also contains all your personal data. So, if you lost your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 (or any other iPhone), and are wondering how to find my iPhone, or you’re just scared of someone getting access to your data, we have you covered. Here is how to track an iPhone (lost, stolen, or otherwise).

How to Find My iPhone (All Working Methods)

Before you start panicking and thinking how do I find my iPhone, read this article. Here we will take a look at multiple methods you can use to track an iPhone and find a lost iPhone easily. We will also discuss which method is best employed for what situation. So read on, and you will definitely find your iPhone.

Note: These methods have been tested with iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 5s. However, they will apply to every iPhone out there even if you have an iPhone SE, or iPhone SE 2020, or any other model.

1. Use Find My iPhone

The easiest way to find your iPhone is to use Apple’s dedicated Find My iPhone service. This is built-in on every iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch etc that you own. Here’s how to use Find My iPhone.

  • If You Have a Mac or Another iPhone

If you have a Mac or another iPhone or iPad, here are the steps you should follow to find your lost iPhone.

  • Launch the “Find My” app on your other device, and click on ‘Devices’.

click on devices in find my

  • Here, select the iPhone you lost. The app will show its current location and you can retrieve your iPhone.

how to use find my iPhone

Even if your iPhone has been shut down, Apple now uses a new technology to track your devices, which means even if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off, it will still send location information to your Find My app and you will be able to track it. However, this doesn’t work for older iOS versions. If your iPhone is running an older version of iOS and it has been turned off, you will be displayed the last known location of your device instead.

  • If You Don’t Have a Mac or another iPhone/iPad

If you’re not a Mac user, and you don’t have another iPhone or iPad at your house, you can still use Find My iPhone.

  • Open a web browser on your computer and head over to the iCloud website. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click on ‘Find iPhone’.

find iPhone icloud

  • Click on ‘All Devices’ up top and select your lost/misplaced iPhone. Find My iPhone will now locate your iPhone and display its location on the map.

how to track iPhone

2. Use Apple Watch (If You Misplaced Your iPhone at Home)

If your iPhone is at your place and you just can’t seem to find it, you can use your Apple Watch to easily locate your iPhone. Do note that this method isn’t meant in case your iPhone was stolen or lost.

  • Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap on the Ping iPhone button. Your iPhone will play a sound and you can use it to locate it in your house.

ping iphone with apple watch

Pro-tip: If you can’t find your iPhone based on sound alone, you can press hold the ‘Ping iPhone’ button on your Apple Watch and your iPhone will play the sound and blink the flashlight at the same time. This way you can use audio-visual cues to find your iPhone in case it went into the infamous couch black-hole.

3. Use Google Timeline

If you disabled Find My on your iPhone, or if you simply aren’t able to use Find My iPhone to track your lost iPhone, don’t worry. It’s time for Google to come to the rescue. Chances are, you have Google Maps installed on your iPhone, and if you do, Google’s constant location tracking might just come to your aid. In my case, I do have Google Maps installed and here’s how I use it to find my iPhone.

  • Head over to the Google Timeline website and log in with your Google account.
  • Click on ‘Today’ to view your iPhone’s timeline for the day.

click on today view for timeline

  • At the bottom of the timeline, you will be able to see the last known location for your iPhone.

find location in google timeline

  • You can use this to find a lost iPhone, and even check if it’s moving to a different location.

Note: This method only works if you have the location reporting and location history features are enabled on your iPhone. In case you have disabled the features for privacy, you can try using a different method instead.

4. Try Calling Your iPhone

This one is a little obvious, but it’s worth a shot. If you misplaced your iPhone, whether at home, or somewhere outside, there’s a possibility that a good samaritan found it and will happily return it to you. But they can’t do that unless they know whose phone it is.

Use another phone, or a landline you may have, to call your iPhone. If you have misplaced it in your home, you might be able to find your iPhone by listening to the ringtone. Else, if someone found your iPhone, they might answer and let you pick it up from them.

5. Use Websites to Call Your iPhone

Even if you don’t have access to another phone from which to call your iPhone, you don’t need to worry. There’s a solution for that as well. Simply use the website “” from this link.

Here, you can just enter your phone number, and the website will call your phone for you. While this website does work for phones in the US, I tried it in India, and it wasn’t working for Indian phone numbers. So your mileage may vary.

6. File a Police Report

If you have lost your iPhone, one of the things you really should do is file a police report for a stolen phone. I’m aware that a lot of people might not be fully convinced that the local police will really try to find my iPhone, but you will need the police report to file an insurance claim if you have your iPhone insured anyway.

Moreover, if you’re able to track an iPhone using any of these methods, it’s a good idea to ask the police for help in recovering it from the thief rather than confronting them yourselves. You never know, they could be dangerous and it’s definitely not worth putting yourselves in danger just to recover your iPhone.

7. Mark iPhone as Lost

If you simply can’t find your iPhone at all, you should mark your iPhone as lost in the Find My app. This is useful because when you do this, your iPhone will lock itself and display a message that will let anyone who finds the iPhone contact you and help you get it back.

Here’s how to use Find My iPhone to mark iPhone as lost.

  • Go to the Find My app and select your iPhone.

how to use find my iPhone

  • Click on the ‘i’ button next to your iPhone’s name on the map.

mark iphone as lost

  • Now, click on ‘Mark as Lost’.

mark iPhone as lost in find my app

Now you can enter a phone number and a message that you want to display on your iPhone. Make sure this is a phone number that can be easily reached and that you are available at, in case someone finds your iPhone and tries to contact you to return it.

8. Erase iPhone

If you are more worried about someone else gaining access to your data, you can remotely erase your iPhone as well. This way, even if you never find your iPhone, you can rest assured that no one will be able to get your data from it. Here is how to use Find my iPhone to remotely erase your phone.

  • Go to the Find My app and select your iPhone.
  • Click on the ‘i’ button next to your iPhone’s name on the map.

mark iphone as lost

  • Click on ‘Erase Device’.

erase lost iphone

The next time your phone is turned on and it connects to a network, it will be erased completely. However, do note that by doing this, you will no longer be able to track your iPhone. Only use this step if you have tried everything and can’t find your iPhone at all.

How do I Find My iPhone? Here Are All The Working Methods

As you can see there are a lot of methods to find a lost iPhone. If you have been searching about how do I find my iPhone or how to find lost iPhone, hopefully, this article has helped you. We have discussed all the latest working methods for how to track an iPhone in this article. Let us know if you have successfully found your lost iPhone with any of these methods in the comments.

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