How to Delete Snapchat Account

Snapchat is an extremely popular social media app, especially among teens and young adults. It offers some really cool features including ephemeral messaging (which it basically started), stories, and more; and while using Snapchat sure can be fun, there are definitely reasons to abandon it. It could be the usually-confusing-to-grown-ups UI of the app, or the fact that Instagram just seems more interesting to you. Whatever the reason is, if you’re wondering how to permanently delete snapchat, well, here’s the easiest way.

How to Delete Snapchat Account

Deleting a Snapchat account is actually not that difficult. However, the option to delete a Snapchat account isn’t actually available inside the Snapchat app. You’ll have to go to the Snapchat website for that. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll have deleted your Snapchat account in no time.

  • Head over to the Snapchat Accounts Portal here.
  • Log in with your Snapchat username and password.

how to permanently delete snapchat account

  • In the page that opens, click on “Delete My Account“.

how to deactivate snapchat account

  • Enter your password again, and click on “Continue”

That’s it. This is basically how to permanently delete a Snapchat account. Bear in mind that the company takes 30 days to delete accounts, after which your account will have been permanently deleted.

Note: I would recommend that you download your Snapchat data before you delete your account because once the 30 day period is over, there will be no way to get your data back.

How to Reactivate Snapchat Account

If you feel like you’ve made a mistake by deleting your Snapchat account, there’s a possibility of recovering it. However, this will only work if you’re still within the 30 day grace period that you get after deleting your account. If you are, all you need to do is sign in to Snapchat with your email/username and password, and your account will be reactivated.

Use Digital Wellbeing to Control Snapchat Usage on Android

If you’re like me, chances are you’re thinking about deleting Snapchat because it just takes too much of your time. Time that you could’ve spent being productive. If that’s the case with you, maybe instead of deleting your account, you should consider setting a time limit to ensure you don’t use Snapchat beyond a set amount of time.

If you’re on an Android phone running Android 9 Pie or above, you should definitely consider using Digital Wellbeing for this purpose. Most Android phones these days come with Digital Wellbeing, or a manufacturer-designed version of the same that can be used to set time limits on apps.

Using Digital Wellbeing is fairly straightforward, however we do have an article on how to set app time limits on Android with Digital Wellbeing that you can check out for detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Use Screen Time to Control Snapchat Usage on iPhone

On the other hand, if you’re on an iPhone running on the latest version of iOS, you can use Screen Time to set a time limit on your usage of Snapchat. This can come in very handy for reigning in the time you spend on apps like Snapchat, and any other apps that you find distracting.

As is the case with Digital Wellbeing on Android, using Screen Time in iOS is pretty simple. However, we do have an article on how to set app time limits on iOS with Screen Time that you can check out for step-by-step instructions if you want.

Use Third Party Apps to Set Time Limits on Snapchat

If you’re using an Android phone that’s running older software, or that just simply doesn’t have Digital Wellbeing built-in, you can use third party apps to get similar features on your phone and control your Snapchat usage. Here are some apps that I would recommend you try:

1. Stay Focused

Stay Focused is one of our top picks for apps like Digital Wellbeing on Android. This app brings a bunch of the same features as Android’s native Digital Wellbeing feature, including the ability to set time limits on apps, which is what we’re interested in for this particular use-case.

stay focused digital wellbeing alternative

With Stay Focused, you can set app time limits so that you won’t be able to use Snapchat after you have used it for a specified amount of time, or you can just block notifications from the app so you’re not tempted to keep checking it every time a new notification comes in. Stay Focused is free, and you should definitely give it a shot.

Install Stay Focused from the Play Store (Free, in-app purchases)

2. Your Hour

Another app you can check out, that also brings Digital Wellbeing-like features is Your Hour. With this app, you will get an overview of your phone use, similar to Digital Wellbeing, and you will be able to block apps, or set time limits on them. Plus, it brings daily and weekly reports of your phone usage so you can get an overview of your smartphone usage patterns. With Your Hour you can easily set a time limit on Snapchat and not spend way too long snapping every one on your list.

your hour digital wellbeing alternative

Install Your Hour from the Play Store (Free, in-app purchases)

3. AppDetox

AppDetox is a powerful Digital Wellbeing replacement that not only brings most of the same features, but also some additional ones. With AppDetox you’ll be able to set a time limit on Snapchat, or even block Snapchat usage based on time of day. So if you find yourself spending too much time texting on Snapchat at night, you can use AppDetox to block Snapchat after your preferred bedtime.

app detox digital wellbeing alternative

Obviously, you can also set a simple time limit on Snapchat if that’s what you prefer, but it’s nice to have options, isn’t it?

Install AppDetox from the Play Store (Free)

Permanently Delete a Snapchat Account in No Time

Well, that was how you can permanently delete a Snapchat account easily without having to jump through a lot of hoops. We also discussed some alternate solutions that you can try in case you’re quitting Snapchat because you’re spending too much time on it. So if you’re having second thoughts about permanently deleting or deactivating your Snapchat account, I would suggest you give Digital Wellbeing or Screen Time a shot, or any of the third party apps I have mentioned here.

So, why are you thinking of deleting Snapchat? Let us know in the comments down below.

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