How to Create a Location Based Reminder in iOS 13

Have you ever wanted to be reminded to buy milk when you are near the grocery? Or maybe you would like to be reminded to call your parents or your significant other when you reach a place. In situations like these, the new Reminders app in iOS 13 can come in very handy. With Reminders, you can write down whatever you want to be reminded of and set the Reminder to appear when you reach or leave a particular location. So if you’re looking to create a location based reminder on your iPhone, here is how to go about it:

Create a Location Based Reminder in iOS 13

  • In the Reminders app tap on the list you want to add the reminder in. I’ll go with “8BitTasks”. Tap on “New Reminder”.

choose the reminder list and select new reminder

  • Enter your reminder and then tap on the “i”. Now, turn on the toggle next to “Remind me at a location“.

write reminder and enable remind me at a location toggle

  • Tap on “Location” and then search for the location you want. For example, I’ll enter my work address.

choose location for reminder in iOS 13

  • You can also choose whether you want to be reminded when you’re arriving at the location or leaving from it. Once done, go back and tap on “Done” to save your reminder.

create location based reminders ios 13 step 4

Alternative Method

If that method seems too tedious to you, there’s actually another way you can use. When you’re adding the new reminder, you’ll see a toolbar just above the keyboard. Tap on the location arrow icon. Just head to Custom and search for the location you want to be reminded at. Easy peasy.

set location based reminders ios 13 alternative method

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Easily Use Location Based Reminders in iOS 13

So now that you know how to set location based reminders in iOS 13, what are your preferred use-cases for such reminders? Do you often forget to pick up the dry cleaning on your way back home, or do you always forget to buy an essential item from the grocery? Well, with location based reminders, all those problems can go away. All you need to do is tell your iPhone where to remind you about things and it will do just that. Let me know your experience with, and use-cases for, location based reminders on iPhone.

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