How to Take Full Page Screenshots in Microsoft Edge

Have you ever been reading a long blog post and thought about sharing a screenshot of it with someone? It can be a real pain to take a screenshot on the web. That is, especially for web pages that are longer than what fits on your computer screen. Fortunately, if you’re using Microsoft Edge, you will be glad to know that Microsoft Edge can screenshot an entire page easily. You don’t even need any Microsoft Edge screenshot extensions or addon. So, here is how to take full page screenshots in Microsoft Edge.

How to Use Microsoft Edge to Screenshot a Whole Page

Whether you’re using Windows 10, or macOS Big Sur, chances are you normally use your computer’s built-in screenshot tool for taking web screenshots as well. That’s well and good, but did you know Edge comes with its own web-capture tool as well? That’s exactly what we’ll be using to take scrolling screenshot in Microsoft Edge.

  • Open up the web page you want to screenshot in Microsoft Edge. Now, click on the three-dot menu and then choose ‘Web Capture’. Or, simply press ctrl+shift+s (on Windows) or command+shift+s (on macOS).

web capture microsoft edge

  • Instead of ‘Free Select’, click on ‘Full Page’.
  • Now, just scroll down up to the point you want to capture the long screenshot in Edge and then click on the Save icon.

take full page screenshots microsoft edge

That’s it. The screenshot will be downloaded automatically to your usual downloads folder. You can then edit it, or share it with anyone. Pretty neat, right?

Easily Take Full Page Screenshots in Microsoft Edge without Addon or Extensions

Well, that’s how you can use Microsoft Edge for scrolling screenshots or long screenshots. My favourite aspect of this feature is that you don’t need any Edge addon or extension to take a full-page screenshot anymore. So what do you think? Were you aware of the web capture tool in Edge? Have you ever used it before? Let me know in the comments.

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