How to Get iPhone 11’s Deep Fusion on Any iPhone

With the iPhone 11 series, Apple made a lot of improvements to its camera software and processing, earning the iPhone 11 Pro the title of the best camera phone of the year, even beating out the Google Pixel 4 in most situations. Part of this was because of the new triple-camera set-up, the amazing video quality that iPhones have offered, and the new low-light mode in the iPhone 11, but it was also partly because of a new technology Apple rolled out to the new iPhones later — Deep Fusion. However, if you have an older iPhone, Apple will not ship Deep Fusion tech to your phone, but there’s a way to get a similar feature anyway. If that piqued your interest, here’s how to get Deep Fusion on any iPhone model.

What is Deep Fusion

Before we dive into getting Deep Fusion on your older iPhone, let’s take a quick look at what Deep Fusion does on an iPhone. Basically, with Deep Fusion, Apple’s brand new A13 Bionic makes use of its extremely powerful capabilities to render each and every pixel of an image after individually processing them to get the most amount of detail in the shot. That results in incredible detail in usual day-to-day photos, especially when there’s a lot of texture in what you’re capturing.

Now that we have a layman’s understanding of Deep Fusion, here’s how to get it on any iPhone whatsoever.

How to Get Deep Fusion on Any iPhone

Since Apple itself isn’t releasing Deep Fusion to any iPhones other than the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, there’s no way to get the actual algorithms that Apple is using on to your older iPhone. However, third party apps have always been a great way to get such features, and the one I’m going to talk about here is called Halide. You might already be aware of Halide; it’s one of the most highly regarded camera apps for iPhone photographers thanks to the manual mode it brings along with support for saving Camera RAW images that are just more flexible in post processing.

However, a while back, Halide added a new ‘Smartest Processing’ mode to its app as well, and that pretty much does what Deep Fusion does on the new iPhone 11 — it gets more detail in your photos. Here’s how to enable it.

  • Download and install Halide from the App Store ($5.99)
  • Launch the app and tap on the Settings icon. If you can’t see the icon on your phone, just swipe on the little triangle as shown below to expand the toolbar and see more options in the app.

head over to halide settings

  • In the Settings, tap on ‘Advanced settings‘ and enable the toggle next to ‘Enable Smartest Processing‘.

enable smartest processing in halide settings

  • Now go back to the camera app, and make sure ‘RAW’ is deselected in the toolbar as shown below. You should know that enabled options show up in yellow, while disabled ones show up in white.

get deep fusion on any iPhone

Now, you can click a picture with Halide, and you’ll see the kind of difference Smartest Processing makes in most photos. There’s just more detail when you zoom in and overall, the pictures look a lot better than they do with the regular camera app, or with Smartest Processing turned off. Here are some camera samples taken with Halide with the Smartest Processing feature off, and the Smartest Processing feature on.

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Get Deep Fusion on Any iPhone and Take Better iPhone Photos

So that’s how you can get a Deep Fusion-like experience on any older iPhone. The results with Smartest Processing on Halide are pretty great in my opinion, and unless you’re buying the new iPhone, this is a great way to enjoy one of its coolest features without shelling out another $700 on the new iPhone 11. Anyway, go give Halide’s new Smartest Processing feature a try on your iPhone and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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