How to Automatically Close Safari Tabs in iOS 14

If you’re an iPhone user who prefers using Safari for most of your web browsing on your phone, chances are you have a ton of open tabs. Now normally that’s okay, because iPhones are good at RAM management. However, if you are feeling like your phone is slowing down, or you constantly need to clear RAM on your iPhone, maybe you shouldn’t be keeping too many tabs open. Fortunately, there is an easy way to close tabs automatically. Here’s how to automatically close Safari tabs in iOS 14.

Note: I’ve tested this on the iPhone 11 running the latest iOS 14 update.

How to Automatically Close Safari Tabs in iPhone

iOS gives you three options to automatically close safari tabs — daily, weekly, or monthly. Here’s how to enable them.

  • Go to ‘Safari‘ inside the ‘Settings app’ and tap on ‘Close Tabs‘.

close tabs automatically in safari

  • You can now select whether you want iOS to automatically close tabs after a day, a week, or a month.

close tabs automatically safari iOS 13 step 2

That’s it, iOS will now automatically close your tabs according to the time specified by you. By the way, if you’re worried about losing an important tab that you’ve opened, did you know you can easily save open tabs as bookmarks in Safari as well? That should solve this particular problem for you.

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Keep Your RAM Clear of Safari Tabs

Having a lot of browser tabs open can quickly become a pain in the neck. Not only is it a RAM issue, but it also makes it terribly difficult to find the tabs you’re looking for if you have 200 of them open. So, follow this guide and set your Safari tabs to automatically close every day or on a weekly or monthly basis. iOS 13 has a lot of neat features by the way, and I would recommend that you check out our article on iOS 13 tips and tricks as well.

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