How to Add a Reminder to a List in iOS 13

iOS 13 brings a lot of awesome features, there’s the ability to delete Siri recordings, a dedicated download manager in Safari, updated Files app, among a lot of other changes. There’s also the new, overhauled Reminders app; and one of the features it has is the ability to create lists for reminders, and organise reminders and tasks easily. Well, if you’re wondering how exactly you can create a reminder and add it to a list, here’s a complete walkthrough:

How to Add a Reminder to a List in iOS 13

Depending on your set up, you might have a bunch of different lists, or just a couple of them. In my case, I have stuck to the default lists for the most part, except for the new 8BitTasks list. Let’s add a reminder to this one.

  • Tap on the list in the Reminders app. In this case, I’ll tap on “8BitTasks”. Now tap on “New Reminder”.

add reminder to list in ios 13 step 1

  • Type the new task or reminder and then tap on “Done“.

add new reminder to list ios 13 step 2

That’s it, the task will be added to the list automatically.

How to Move a Reminder to a Different List

Now, if you have accidentally added a reminder or a task to a list, say 8BitTasks, but really you wanted to add it to another list, say, ‘Expenses’, you don’t need to delete that reminder and add a new one in the correct list. You can just move the reminder to the list you want. Here’s how.

  • Tap on the list in the Reminders app where you have added the reminder. I’ll tap on ‘8BitTasks’. Now, tap on the Reminder and then tap on the “i” as shown below.

step 1 to move reminder to different list iOS 13

  • Next, tap on “List” and choose the correct list in the next screen.

choose a different list for the reminder

  • Tap “Done” and the reminder will now show up in the correct list. In this example, that’s “Expenses”.

reminder now shoes up in correct list in iOS 13

Stay on Top of Stuff with Reminders in iOS 13

With the improved Reminders app in iOS 13, staying on top of stuff is easy. You can just create lists for different categories of tasks and reminders, and add stuff into them. This way, you can ensure you don’t miss out on any important tasks you had to complete and improve your productivity. There’s a lot more to iOS 13’s Reminders app, including things like setting scheduled reminders, or reminders based on a location, or even a reminder that goes off when you’re messaging a particular person. It’s really handy.

So what do you think about the new Reminders app in iOS 13? Are you using lists? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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