How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps (watchOS 6)

As powerful and feature-packed as the Apple Watch is, it does sometimes end up freezing out on you. This mostly happens when you’re using a third-party app on your watch and is usually the app’s fault, but I have seen the built-in Messages app freezing on me once. Either way, even though it doesn’t happen even remotely frequently, it’s nice to know what you can do if an Apple Watch app is freezing out on you. So, here’s how to force quit an app in watchOS 6:

Note: This method has been tested on an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS+LTE) and an Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS)

How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps (Working Method)

If you’re in a situation where a watchOS app is misbehaving or frozen, here is how to force quit it.

  • Press and hold the side button until the power options show up on the watch screen.

force quit apps Apple Watch

  • Release the side button, and press and hold the Digital Crown until the app quits.

Do keep in mind that for this method to work, the frozen app needs to be open on your screen. This method won’t work for background apps.

How to Force Quit Background Apps in watchOS 6

If the app you want to force quit isn’t open on the watch and you’re unable to open it now, you can force quit it from the background as well. Here is how to do just that.

  • Press the side button. This will bring up the recent apps’ screen.

force quit background apps watchOS 6

  • Swipe left on the app you want to quit. You should see a red coloured cross icon.

force quit Apple Watch apps

  • Tap on it and the app will be force closed.

This method also has one condition — it will only work if you haven’t switched the Side Button to acting as a dock for the Apple Watch.

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Now that you know how to deal with misbehaving and freezing apps on your Apple Watch you can rest easy knowing that even if an app freezes out on you, you know how to force quit the app. Plus, if it doesn’t work even then, you can always force restart the Apple Watch — that fixes most common issues in watchOS 6. So go ahead and install all the apps you want to without worrying about freezing or misbehaving apps. I would suggest you check out apps to get Instagram on Apple Watch.

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