Facebook’s New Tool Lets You Transfer Your Photos to Google Photos

Have you ever sat and wondered why it’s so damn difficult to move your data from one platform to another? This is especially a pain if you have a lot of Facebook photos that you want to backup before you delete your Facebook account. Well, no longer. Facebook is finally making it easy to transfer all your photos and videos to Google Photos in just a few clicks.

The new tool can be accessed by heading over to Facebook’s settings, under the “Your Facebook Information” section. Obviously, you will need to connect your Google account with the tool before transferring the photos and videos.

If you’re wondering why Facebook is allowing this now, the company is part of the Data Transfer Project, right alongside Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter. The project aims at making it easier for users to transfer their personal data between services offered by these tech giants. So far, the work has mostly been going on in the backend, but this new tool is one user-facing implementation of what has he potential to be a really big deal for consumers.

According to reports on the internet, the feature is currently only working in the US and Canada, but it has rolled out in other regions as well, including in Asia and Europe. I, for one, was able to access the feature on my Facebook account here in India.

If you’re interested in moving your photos from Facebook to Google, you should check out our guide on moving Facebook photos to Google Photos to guide you through the process.

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