How to Enable or Disable Global Media Playback Control in Chrome

Google Chrome has, for long, had the Global Media Playback control feature. The feature originally appeared with Chrome 79, giving users the option to enable or disable media playback controls in Google Chrome using Chrome Flags. With Global Media Playback controls, users get an easy to access icon on the Chrome toolbar which shows media playing in any of the browser’s tabs. This is helpful if you’re listening to music on Spotify Web, YouTube Music, or Amazon Music in the background while working because you don’t need to switch to their tab in order to play/pause. You can simply click on the icon and control your music without leaving your work tab. It’s great. So here’s how to enable or disable Global Media Playback control in Chrome.

How to Enable Global Media Playback in Google Chrome

  • In Chrome, head over to the Chrome Flags page by typing in the url chrome://flags

  • Here, search for ‘Global Media Control’.

  • Select ‘Enable’ from the drop-down menu box, and relaunch Chrome.

Now, whenever you’re playing music on any tab, you’ll see the Media Control icon next to your username in Chrome. You can click on this to play/pause, skip tracks, and more. It’s pretty neat and helps you focus on the task at hand while still giving you control over your music playback.

Global media control chrome

How to Disable Global Media Playback Control in Chrome

If you don’t like this feature for some reason, you can always disable it as well. Here’s how:

  • Head over to chrome://flags and search for ‘Global Media Control.’

Search global media control chrome flag

  • Select ‘Disable’ from the drop-down menu, and relaunch Chrome.

That’s it, the Global Media Controls will no longer show up in Chrome.

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Easily Control Music Playback in Google Chrome

I really like this feature in Chrome because it lets me see which song is playing, and skip it if I don’t like it, or pause it when I need to talk to someone without missing out on the song. Plus, since I usually have a lot of tabs open in my browser, it also saves me the hassle of hunting for the tab that’s playing music if I want to pause it for a second, or change the song. So what do you think about the Global Media Playback Controls in Chrome? Is it a feature you like using, or did you read this article and disable the feature on your browser? Let me know in the comments.

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