How to Turn on Bedside (Nightstand) Mode on Apple Watch

As I have said in a lot of my earlier tutorials about the Apple Watch, it really is a powerful and useful little device. It can do a lot of things, you can take screenshots on Apple Watch, you can customise the app icon layout, or even change the app screen to list view if you want. However, the Apple Watch can’t do sleep tracking on its own. So unless you’re using a third party sleep tracking app, you probably leave the watch to charge overnight. But did you know that the Apple Watch can work as a bedside clock too? If that sounds appealing, here is how to turn on Bedside Mode (Nightstand mode) on the Apple Watch:

What is Bedside Mode

First things first, you may be wondering what exactly do I mean by Bedside Mode. Well, with the bedside mode turned on, your Apple Watch can act as a, well, bedside clock while it’s charging. This can come in really handy because you don’t need another clock for your bedside table. Also, if you set an alarm on the Apple Watch, the screen of the watch will illuminate slowly in the minutes before the alarm goes off in the morning. This makes sure your sleep isn’t disturbed before the alarm has to go off, and it’s a neat touch from Apple.

The only caveat to the Bedside Mode (or Nightstand Mode) is that your watch needs to be placed on the charging cradle in order for this mode to work. That’s not really a big caveat really, when you think about it. After all, Bedside Mode’s raison d’être is to make the watch more useful while it’s charging overnight.

How to Enable Bedside Mode in watchOS 6

  • Launch the Settings app on your watch and tap on ‘General’.

Enable screenshots in apple watch

  • Now, go to the menu item named ‘Bedside Mode’.

Bedside mode apple watch

  • Enable the toggle to turn the feature on.

Enable bedside mode watchos 6

That’s it, Bedside Mode is now enabled on your Apple Watch. If you find that you don’t really like this mode and do not wish to use it, you can simply disable the toggle within ‘Bedside Mode’ settings to turn the feature off as well.

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Use Your Apple Watch as a Bedside Clock

My Apple Watch serves many functions through the day. It acts like a fitness tracker, a notification center, a calling and texting machine, and a lot more. So it only makes sense for it to be useful while it’s charging as well, right? Personally, I prefer wearing the watch to sleep so I can keep a track of my sleeping habits, but if using a third party sleep tracking app isn’t your cup of tea, I would suggest using Bedside Mode while you charge your watch overnight.

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