How to Delete Watch Faces from Apple Watch

As far as aesthetics are concerned, outside of the strap you choose, the watch face on your Apple Watch reflects the most about your personality. That is why it is slightly disappointing that Apple does not allow third party watch faces on the Apple Watch. However, the company does ship a lot of watch faces by default so there’s usually something that will meet your style needs. In my usage I have found that after a few days of tinkering with the watch faces, you settle down on 2-3 of your favourites. So, why not delete the rest and get rid of the clutter, right? Well, here is how to delete watch faces from Apple Watch:

How to Delete Watch Faces in watchOS 6

There are two ways you can delete watch faces from the Apple Watch. You can either go through the Watch app on your iPhone, or you can delete the faces straight from your watch itself. Let’s take a look at both options and you can use whichever one seems best to you.

Delete Watch Faces Directly from the Watch

Here is how you can directly delete a watch face without using your iPhone:

  • On your Apple Watch, firmly press the screen to head into the watch-faces carousel.

Apple watch face carousel

  • Here, you can swipe left and right, or use the Digital Crown to look at the different watch faces installed on your watch. Say you want to delete the “Gradient” watch face.

Apple watch face gradient

  • Simply swipe up on the watch face and you will see a “Remove” button. Tap on this, and viola! The watch face has been removed from your Apple Watch.

Delete watch faces apple watch

Don’t worry about losing a watch face that you might want later. You can always install watch faces on Apple Watch again.

Delete Watch Faces from iPhone

  • Launch the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone and tap on the ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘My Faces’ section. Scroll through the list to find the watch face you want to delete.

Delete watch face apple watch iPhone

  • Say you want to delete the ’Simple’ watch face. Simply tap on the ‘minus’ sign next to it. Tap on ‘Remove’.

Delete watch face apple watch iPhone step 2

That’s it, the watch face has been removed from your Apple Watch.

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Manage Apple Watch Watch Faces with Ease

It’s great to have choices in watch faces, but choosing your favourite 2 or 3 watch faces and only keeping those on your watch is better because you can quickly switch between them when you want to, without having to look through an entire list of 10-15 watch faces (depending on how many you have installed on your watch). Plus with just a couple of watch faces, you can quickly swipe left or right on the home screen itself to switch between them, which makes the process even faster. So go ahead and delete all the watch faces you never use on your Apple Watch. If you have any doubts, or any other Apple Watch related stuff you want help with, let us know and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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