How to Delete Siri Recordings in iOS 13

Apple has recently released the latest update to iOS 13 — iOS 13.2 brings in a ton of features, especially to the new iPhone 11 lineup. However, one of the more important features that might have flown under your radar is the company allowing users to delete their Siri recordings, and even opt-out from their Siri interactions being sent to Apple servers for improvement and analytics. So if you are wondering how to delete Siri history on your iPhone, here is how you can go about it.

Why Should You Delete Siri Recordings on iPhone?

First, let’s take a moment to talk about why someone might want to delete their Siri recordings in the first place. Apple is, after all, one of the best companies in terms of user privacy. That may be true, but earlier this year, following reports that contractors were sent voice recordings from Google Assistant, and Alexa where they had heard intimate conversations between people, and the fact that personally identifying information was often sent across with these voice snippets, Apple also got embroiled in the controversy when a similar report came out for Siri voice recordings as well.

Now, Apple claims (and so do Google and Amazon, by the way) that the company strips the snippets of all identifying information, and they only send a very small percentage of interactions with their assistants for analysis, but that’s still not something most users are okay with. To that effect, the Cupertino giant had announced that it will soon bring a feature that will allow users to opt-out of Siri recordings ever being sent to Apple servers, and even delete their Siri history in an easy, effortless way.

How to Delete Siri Recordings in iOS 13.2

The feature finally arrived with iOS 13.2, and here’s how you can delete Siri recordings on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app, and tap on “Siri and Search”. Here, tap on “Siri & Dictation History“.

step 1 to delete Siri recordings in iOS 13.2

  • In the next screen, tap on “Delete Siri & Dictation History“. You’ll see a confirmation pop-up. Tap “Delete Siri & Dictation History” again to confirm.

delete siri recordings in ios 13 step 2

You’ll now see a pop-up informing you that Apple has received your request and will delete your Siri and Dictation history from its servers.

How to Opt-out from Siri History Recordings

Although Apple explicitly asks whether you want to share Siri & Dictation history with some Apple employees for improving Siri when you first turn your iPhone on after upgrading to iOS 13.2, if you missed the prompt in your hurry to explore the new emojis, or try out Deep Fusion, here’s how you can opt-out:

  • In Settings, tap on “Privacy“. Scroll down and tap on “Analytics & Improvements”.

opt out of siri recording ios 13

  • Simply turn off the toggle next to “Improve Siri & Dictation” to opt-out.

That’s it. Your interactions with Siri will no longer be shared with Apple for analytics, and you can rest assured that no other human will hear your Siri conversations. So you can relax and go back to asking Siri to tell you lame jokes without worrying that someone in Cupertino might be judging you for it.

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Delete Your Siri History Easily

So that’s how you can easily delete your Siri history on your iPhone running iOS 13.2. We also discussed how you can opt-out of sharing your Siri recordings with Apple in the first place so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting glimpses into your personal life. So, did you opt-out of sharing Siri data with Apple? Let us know in the comments.

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