How to Customise Default Replies on Apple Watch

As useful as the Apple Watch is for keeping a track of notifications, the quick replies feature isn’t all that great. I mean sure, it has basic replies like ‘Okay’ and ‘on my way’ but they are highly generic. So, if you have always wanted to have some replies that are more specific to how you talk, you’re in luck. Customising default replies in watchOS 6 is actually pretty easy. So, here’s how to customise default replies in Apple Watch.

Set Custom Text Replies on Apple Watch

If you want to set custom text replies on your Apple Watch, here is what you have to do.

  • On your iPhone, launch the Watch app. Scroll down and tap on ‘Messages’. Here you will see a ‘Default Replies‘ option; tap on it.

customise apple watch default replies step 1

  • You will now be able to see the Apple Watch default replies list. You can tap on any of these to set a custom text reply. Alternatively, you can tap on ‘Add new’ to add a new custom message reply.

Re-arrange Custom Replies on Apple Watch

If you want to change the order of your custom replies, here is what to do.

  • In the same screen from the last section, tap on ‘Edit’. You will now see a three-line icon on the side of every reply.

set custom text replies apple watch

  • Press and hold on any of these icons to arrange the custom reply’s order in the list. You can also tap on the ⛔️ sign to remove a custom reply.

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Use Apple Watch Quick Reply Effectively

So now that you know how to customise default replies in Apple Watch, go ahead and add in your custom replies. These responses make it a lot easier to reply to messages straight from your watch. I have been using custom replies in watchOS 6 for the last few months and it’s awesome. I’m faster at texting, and there’s an even less requirement for me to take out my phone.

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