How to Check if Your iPhone is Unlocked in iOS 14

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to find out if your iPhone is carrier unlocked or locked. Maybe you’re buying a used iPhone and you want to make sure that you will be able to use it with your carrier. Or maybe you’re thinking of switching carriers and want to ensure your iPhone will keep working fine with the new carrier as well. Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily check if your iPhone is carrier unlocked or not in iOS 14. Here’s how to do that.

Find Out if iPhone is Carrier Unlocked Or Not

Before iOS 14, you had to call your carrier, or swap SIM cards in your iPhone to ensure that it wasn’t carrier locked. However that’s no longer the case. With iOS 14 you don’t have to do any of those long, tedious tasks just to ensure that your phone will work with whatever carrier you want to use it with. Here’s how you can check if your iPhone is carrier unlocked or not.

  • Open Settings and tap on ‘General‘. Here, tap on ‘About‘.

go to settings, general, and about

  • Now, scroll down and check if the ‘Network Provider Lock’ label reads ‘No SIM restrictions’. If it does, as it does in the screenshot below, your iPhone is unlocked and it can be used with any carrier you want. However, if the text reads something else, then it means your iPhone is locked to your carrier and you can’t switch carriers on your iPhone.

check network provider lock iphone ios 14

Note: If the iPhone is running iOS 13, or older, you will have to swap out the SIM card with a different carrier’s SIM card and see if the network connects. If it does, then your iPhone is unlocked, otherwise it’s carrier locked.

Easily Check Carrier Lock on iPhone

With this new method it’s now very easy to see if your iPhone is unlocked or not. Having locked iPhones is very common, especially in countries like the US where carrier-locked iPhones are sold to customers for monthly rentals.

iOS 14 makes it really easy to check for these types of carrier locks that may prevent you from using a pre-owned iPhone with your network of choice. Apart from this, there are a lot of other interesting iOS 14 features such as Picture in Picture mode, minimised call notifications (that you can switch to full screen calls as well), ability to set third party browsers as default, sound recognition and more. There are also a plethora of privacy features such as the orange and green dots in status bar, the ability to use Private MAC addresses for WiFi networks, and so much more. It’s a very feature rich and impressive update overall.

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