How to Change Apple TV+ Video Quality and Save Data on iPhone, Mac

Apple TV+ launched at the beginning of this month, and while its shows have received lukewarm reviews from critics, one thing that everyone has lauded about the service is the video quality it’s offering. Apple TV+ uses high-bitrate video streaming to ensure the best quality video on your iPhone, Mac, iPad, or wherever you’re watching your favourite shows. However, that means you’ll be burning through your data really quickly. So, if you’re watching your favourite shows on an internet connection with a data cap, it would be a good idea to adjust the video quality to save some data while enjoying the latest episode of The Morning Show. Here’s how you can change video quality in Apple TV+.

Change Video Quality in Apple TV+

On iPhone

  • In Settings, tap on TV. Here, tap on ‘iTunes Videos‘.

head over to Apple TV settings in iPhone

  • Tap on WiFi, and select the quality you want to stream at when you’re connected to a WiFi network.

change Apple TV+ video quality for wifi streaming

  • Tap on ‘Mobile Data‘ and select the quality you want to stream at when you’re using your cellular data pack.

change Apple TV plus video quality on mobile data

If you don’t want to watch or download Apple TV+ episodes without a WiFi connection, just turn off the toggle next to ‘Use Mobile Data for Playback’. Moreover, you can choose to turn off the toggle next to ‘Download HDR Videos’ to save data and storage space on your iPhone if you download episodes to stream them on your commute or someplace with a spotty internet connection.

save mobile data apple tv plus

On Mac

  • Launch the TV app on your Mac.
  • Now, click on ‘TV’ in the menu bar, and head over to Preferences. Alternatively, you can press “command + ,” on your keyboard to open preferences.

change video quality apple tv plus mac

  • Here, click on the ‘Playback’ tab. You can now choose the streaming video quality for Apple TV+ in order to get a better quality experience, or save data, depending on your choice.

change video quality apple tv plus mac step 2

Here too, you can choose to not download HDR videos, or not download Multichannel Audio in order to save space on your device, while also saving your data usage.

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Change Apple TV+ Video Quality on Your Mac or iPhone with Ease

Well that was easy, wasn’t it? Personally, I don’t mind using more of my data to watch these shows at the highest quality my internet can support. Shows like For All Mankind are just so nice to look at, I would rather use more data and get a better viewing experience than spoil that to save my internet cap. But that’s on WiFi. I don’t usually stream over cellular, but it sure is nice to know I can set the quality to ‘Good’ and save some cellular data while I watch shows on my iPhone in the future. So, what Apple TV+ shows are you watching? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you’re not using Apple TV+, you really should; and if you purchased an iPhone, Mac, or iPad recently, here’s how you can get 1 year of the service for free.

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