How to Change App Layout in Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is pretty awesome. It can let you do a whole lot of stuff straight from your wrist, most of the time without even needing to use your iPhone at all. Personally, I use the Apple Watch a lot to send messages, make and receive calls, set reminders, and such. Plus there are a lot of amazing third party apps for the Apple Watch that can make it even more useful. However, if you are like me and you install a lot of apps on your watch, you will quickly get lost in the default app view that watchOS 6 uses. While you obviously can change the app layout on Apple Watch to a list, if you prefer the fancier look of the default grid view, you can at least rearrange the apps to make them easier to find. Here’s how to change app layout in Apple Watch.

Note: The following tutorial has been written based on the Apple Watch Series 5 LTE version, but the process is exactly the same for all versions and variations of the Apple Watch.

How to Change App Layout in watchOS 6

Change App Layout from the Watch

Remember how I mentioned that the Apple Watch can let you do a lot of things without ever needing to touch your iPhone? This is also one of those things, although a better way to do the same thing actually does require your iPhone. We will talk about that in the next section.

  • On your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to go to the app launcher screen. Here, press and hold on any app icon until the icons start jiggling. You will also see cross-marks on third party apps.

apple watch app launcher screen

  • Simply drag and drop the icons where you would like them in the launcher. You will notice that the icons automatically arrange themselves to fit perfectly in the grid so you don’t have to worry about that minor thing. Just place the icons however you deem best.

rearrange app icons apple watch

If you have a lot of apps, this process can take quite some time, but that’s basically how you can adjust the app layout in watchOS 6 directly from your Apple Watch.

Change App Layout Using iPhone

Alternatively, you can use your iPhone to change the app layout on your Apple Watch. I would recommend that you use this method because its faster and easier to do. Plus, the bigger screen on your iPhone will make it easier to see where exactly the apps are placed so you can get a better idea of how you want to arrange them for easy access in the future.

  • Launch the “Watch” app on your iPhone, and head over to “App Layout”.

iphone watch app layout

  • The following screen shows you how your apps are currently arranged on the Apple Watch. Simply press and hold on any icon to drag and drop it into a new position.

rearrange apple watch app icons iphone

That’s it, you can repeat the process to arrange the rest of the app icons in places that work best for you and the changes will automatically reflect on your watch as well. Easy, right?

Arrange Apps on Your Apple Watch Easily

Unless you’re using a list view on your Apple Watch, I would highly recommend that you rearrange the app icons on your watch in a way that allows you to quickly find the app for which you’re looking. You can arrange them according to their category, or if you’re slightly compulsive, you can even arrange them based on a colour-theme. However you decide to arrange the app icons, you should try and experiment with it a little to see what seems to work best for you, and then stick with that. The process doesn’t take too long, and it will save you a lot of time hunting for apps on your Watch in the future, so consider this a good investment of your time. Also, if you are looking for any more help around the Apple Watch, let me know in the comments and I will try to help you out.

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