10 Best iPhone 11 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

The iPhone 11 is official, and if you’re a hardcore Apple lover, chances are you’ve already pre-ordered your iPhone from the Cupertino giant. Well, now that you’re all set to receive your iPhone 11, why not invest in a case for it as well? After all, that glass back will be prone to scratches, and god forbid, cracks. A case can go a long way in ensuring that your precious iPhone stays in a great condition for long. So, here are X best cases for iPhone 11 that you can buy right away.

1. Apple Silicone Case

Yes, I really am starting off with a in-house branded case; and why not? Who knows the exact fit of the iPhone 11 better than the company that literally designed the thing? Apple’s silicone case might be more expensive than other offerings out there, but it’s also pretty much guaranteed to have a better quality as well — that’s usually true of most Apple products.

iPhone 11 official silicone case

For the iPhone 11, Apple offers the silicone case in two colours — black, and white — so you’ll have to make do with either of those colour options if you decide to buy an official case for your brand new iPhone 11.

Buy the Apple Silicone Case from Apple.com ($39.00)

2. Spigen Silicone Fit Case

Look, I won’t blame you if you’d rather not spend close to $40 on a case for what’s already an expensive phone. However, if silicone cases are your thing, you don’t necessarily have to spend the 40 bucks. Spigen has a great little thing just for you.

best iPhone 11 case: Spigen

The Spigen Silicone Fit Case, as the company calls it, is a silicone case, similar to the Apple Silicone Case, and it comes with enhanced corners and back for better grip and protection. The case also features tactile buttons so you won’t have to compromise on the hardware experience of using an iPhone. Moreover, the case is fully compatible with wireless charging, so that’s great.

Buy the Spigen Silicone Fit Case from Amazon ($12.99)

3. Incipio Translucent Case

The iPhone 11 comes in a bunch of really fun and cool colours, and chances are you bought something that suits your style. Then, if you slap a case on it, it’ll hide all of the splashy colours of the phone! That’s where translucent cases like this one from Incipio come in. With this iPhone 11 case, your phone’s colour will still be kinda-sorta visible underneath the protection of the case, which is awesome. Plus, it will give the glossy back of the iPhone 11 a frosted look, which I personally think you might like.

Incipio translucent case for iPhone 11

This Incipio case is made out of a light, flexible material that’s scratch and tear-resistant, and also comes with Incipio’s patented Flex2o TPU technology, which offers improved drop protection. The case also has a raised-lip design to protect your screen from drops, and also so you can keep the phone upside down on tables without worrying about scratching the display on your phone.

Buy the Incipio Translucent Case from Amazon ($19.99)

4. Spigen Tough Armor

If you (or someone you’re planning on buying an iPhone 11 case for) are extremely careless with your phone, you should probably go for something like the Spigen Tough Armor case for the iPhone 11. The case is made out of TPU and polycarbonate, so it’s shock absorbent, and its hard shell will make sure it takes all the hits without letting your phone get damaged.

spigen tough iPhone 11 case

There’s a raised-lip design, so you can rest assured that your display will also be protected even if you don’t put a screen guard on it, and the built-in kickstand will let you easily watch movies on your phone if you like — after all, a 6.1-inch display isn’t too shabby to stream some Netflix. Spigen says that its case is certified to meet with military grade standards for durability, which is great.

Buy the Spigen Tough Armor case from Amazon ($14.99)

5. Speck Presidio Case

If you’re looking for cases that look classy and premium, and offer high protection for your phone without being as bulky as something like the Spigen Tough Armor is, well, look no further than the Presidio case from Speck. This iPhone 11 case brings in a gorgeous looking patterned design, it comes with 13-foot drop protection durability and two layers of protection with what Speck calls IMPACTIUM cushioning — that’s probably marketing mumbojumbo — but the fact is, it’s a pretty great case.

best cases for iPhone 11: speck

It also has a raised lip design, so you can chill out and leave your phone turned over while you’re out with friends, family, or your significant other, and also show off the carbon fibre design of the case at the same time. Plus, Speck offers a lifetime warranty on the case.

Buy the Speck Presidio Case from Amazon ($30.07)

6. Dockem Luxe Wallet Case

You know what’s annoying? Having to carry too many things in your pocket. If that’s how you feel, check out this wallet case from Dockem Luxe which might make you carry at least one less thing with you all the time. The case comes with enough space on the back to carry up to 2 IDs and credit cards, so you can carry the important stuff with you all the time, without having to keep your wallet handy.

wallet case for iPhone 11

The case comes with a canvas finish which feels really nice to the touch instead of the plasticky finish of a lot of other cases. Plus, it has a raised lip design, which is something I think every case should have anyway. There’s also a metal plate in the case so it can be used with magnetic car mounts easily.

Buy the Dockem Luxe Wallet Case from Amazon ($14.99)

7. Encased Rebel Armor Holster Case

Remember the Spigen Tough Armor case I mentioned above? Well, if you want something like that, but with a built in holster, and also more imposing looks, check out the Encased Rebel Armor case for the iPhone 11. This case brings 10 feet drop protection for your iPhone 11 and comes in a two-piece structure that provides dual layer protection to your phone.

encased rebel armor case for iPhone 11

What’s more, even with looks like that, the case comes with easy to press and tactile buttons — something that’s missing on most other tough cases. Moreover, the case is backed by Encased’s lifetime warranty, which is just awesome.

Buy the Encased Rebel Armor Holster Case from Amazon ($19.99)

8. Razer Arctech Pro Gaming Case

Surprised to see Razer’s name on this list? Well, the company has recently entered the iPhone case maker market, and obviously it brings a case that’s specifically aimed at gamers. The Razer Arctech Pro is a case that comes with something Razer calls Thermaphene, along with a bunch of holes at the back — this, Razer says, will ensure that your iPhone remains cool even with long hours of gaming.

best gaming case for iPhone 11

For some reason, Razer doesn’t have any images of the iPhone 11 in the case.

This is how Razer defines it in the product description: Industry-First, Thermaphene-Based Heat Dissipation redirects trapped heat through a thermally conductive lining adjacent to vented airflow channels to significantly improve cooling compared to traditional cases.”

Anyway, at around 40 bucks, this case is nearly as expensive as the official Apple Silicone case. I’m not sure if this case is for everyone, but if you’re a hardcore gamer, this might be something worth your while.

Buy the Razer Arctech Pro Gaming Case from Amazon ($39.99)

9. ESR Bumper Case for iPhone 11

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to put a case on your phone at all, but you also want to not scratch it every time you place it on a table, or, god forbid, on a cement park bench. Well, in that case, check out the ESR bumper case for the iPhone 11. This case fits around the frame of your iPhone and comes with raised edges, so the back and the front of your phone won’t touch any tables that you keep your phone on.

best case for iPhone 11: esr bumper case

What’s more, the case will ensure that your brand new iPhone 11’s frame doesn’t scratch up if you accidentally bump your iPhone while walking or something similar. ESR is offering 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don’t love the case they’ll refund or replace it.

Buy the ESR Bumper Case from Amazon ($13.99

10. GVIEWIN iPhone 11 Designer Case

If you want to add more personality to your brand new iPhone 11, a designer case might be something you’d be interested in. Check out the Gviewin iPhone 11 cases that come in a bunch of designs including peach blossoms, sunflowers, reseda green, and more.

gviewin designer case for iphone 11

The case is made out of TPU and provides excellent shock and drop protection. Also, thanks to the raised lip design, you can rest assured that your display and the camera bump on the iPhone 11 will both remain safe and unscratched when you keep your phone on a table.

Buy the GVIEWIN iPhone 11 case from Amazon ($15.99)

The Best Cases for iPhone 11

That rounds off our list of the best cases for iPhone 11 that you can buy. There are obviously a lot of other options out there, however, we’ve tried to accommodate every type of case in this list. There are slim cases, silicone cases, transparent cases, designer cases, and even tough and rugged cases for iPhone 11 so no matter what you’re looking for, you should find something that fits your needs. That said, if you come across an iPhone 11 case that you think everyone should know about, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

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