Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra Leaked in New 360-degree Renders

Samsung fans, here’s something special for you. The South Korean giant’s upcoming flagship smartphones — tentatively called the S21, S21 plus, and S21 ultra — have leaked. At least in 3D renders. So we now have an idea of what to expect from the 2021 flagship smartphones when they launch. Let’s take a look at the leaked images.

Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21 looks pretty much the same as the S20 as far as the front of the phone is considered. It still has an Infinity-O design with a center punch hole for the selfie camera. However, the screen looks flatter than usual. Maybe Samsung is going for an S20 FE-like flat screen?

Anyway, the big change is on the back. As you can see from the pictures, these leaks suggest that Samsung will completely redesign the camera bump on the S21 series, and this one looks kinda ugly. It’s estimated to be 1.1mm thick, which is bigger than it is on the Galaxy S20. You still get three cameras on the back, but it’s unclear what improvements will be made to the cameras. Hopefully it won’t be any more of the 100X space zoom shenanigans that make no sense in real world usage, unless you’re a peeping tom.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Also leaked were renders of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The top of the line Samsung flagship for next year. Up front, once again it looks quite similar to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It has a curved screen with an Infinity-O display, just like the S20 Ultra. However, once again the major difference is in the back here. The camera bump on the S21 Ultra also extends out from the frame itself, and is rumoured to be much thicker this time around, at 1.9mm. That’s a ridiculously big camera bump to have, but hopefully Samsung has some insane camera stuff for the phone as well.

Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra Launch Date

Samsung usually launches its flagships around March, but this time around leaks suggest that the company might launch the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra in January 2021. This could be good for Samsung because it will bring its phones with the latest Snapdragon 875 (and their Exynos counterparts) much earlier than usual, which could help boost sales for the phones.

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